Online Art Gallery to purchase and commission artworks from Emerging and Mid-career Artists worldwide.

Silapix Online Art Gallery directly connects emerging and mid-career artists worldwide with art collectors, art consultants, art curators, the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors, any business mainly located in Asia which requires works of art for interior decoration purposes.

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If you want to create bespoke works of art for the hospitality, residential, commercial and cultural sectors, as well as sell your artworks online, join! We will provide you with sustainable business opportunities by connecting you with interior designers, architects, real estate developers and collectors. The first step is to create your portfolio on in order to arouse the interest of those professionals who are permanently looking for artists to work with on interior decoration projects. Share your portfolio at and we will send you the necessary information.

We connect emerging artists with businesses is platform which allows interior designers, businesses and collectors to directly connect with emerging and mid-career artists worldwide. In partnership with local art consultants, we provide the hospitality, residential, commercial and cultural sectors with art consultancy, project management, art rotation programs, digital services and direct connection with local artists. Our mission is to give any property a soul by enhancing the interior design with bespoke works of art. Regardless of our clients needs, we always strive to help them conceptualize ideas, monitor, and manage their projects through to completion.